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Nurturing repeat donations using email marketing

Building a long-term relationship with your donors takes time and effort, but it is well worth it. If they have donated to your organisation once, they are likely to donate again. It is crucial to...

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Encouraging donations online - website tips and advice

Getting a donation online can be hard work. Having a basic “donate” button on your website is no longer enough to gather regular funds via your website. This blog will give you some ideas, tips...

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Growing and diversifying the pathway to giving

All NGO’s are different and operate in their own unique ways, so different income streams work better in different environments. Making sure you have a healthy mix of income sources will not only...

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Digital communication for NGO's

Welcome to the first in a series of digital advice blogs for non-profits, charities or NGOs. We have started with a general overview, which will be followed by more in depth blogs that take you...