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How to handle approaches from social media influencers

We work with a number of tourism operators who regularly receive requests from ‘social media influencers’ requesting free or discounted accommodation or services. Because mileage can definitely...

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Do you need a Facebook Group for your business?

Facebook Groups have become one of the hottest places to hang out on the world’s largest social media platform. People love being able to share their content, thoughts and questions with others...

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Encouraging donations online - website tips and advice

Getting a donation online can be hard work. Having a basic “donate” button on your website is no longer enough to gather regular funds via your website. This blog will give you some ideas, tips...

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Growing and diversifying the pathway to giving

All NGO’s are different and operate in their own unique ways, so different income streams work better in different environments. Making sure you have a healthy mix of income sources will not only...

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Does my business need a digital strategy?

The answer to this question is (like most business questions) – it depends. Partly it depends on the nature of your business, your goals and expectations, and whether your customers are using...

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Customer engagement - moving beyond social

Over the last few years, the ‘holy grail’ of social media Return on Investment (ROI) has been engagement. Engagement is not about how many followers you have on your social media pages, but about...

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Turning customer insights into action

It's a time of 'analytics for everything' - there is data capturing behaviour online, instore, or even just on the street. What do you do with that data, and how do you translate that into useful...