As a digital agency that builds a lot of websites for our clients, one of the biggest barriers to getting a site completed and live is the content. This is mostly the written content, but also images, video, infographics and other content designed to help engage, educate or convert your website visitors.

It is important to start thinking about your content early – and not only the content that you need for your new website to go live, but also what content you might be adding to the site over time in the form of articles, news updates, product updates and launches, team updates, downloadable documents and more.

If you have a website that has largely static (not regularly updated) content, and no-one in your company has neither the time nor the inclination to write new content every week, what exactly should you be doing – and why is it so important?

Google's need for regular content

Much of the responsibility for the surge in content marketing and the importance placed on fresh, high quality, original content is driven by what Google has decided are good indicators of useful websites.

Google continues to change their search algorithms so that good quality sites with original (non-spammy) content to rank most highly, thus providing their users with satisfying search results.

The overall quality of your website content is valued by Google, but they will also give you a ranking boost when you add a new piece of content like a blog post or article. The more frequently you add fresh content or update existing pages, the more often Google will send their webcrawlers to visit your site. And that’s a good thing in terms of search rankings.

What should you do?

Our recommendation is to make your site as attractive, readable, interesting and relevant to potential visitors as possible.

That means regularly creating fresh content and putting in place a content strategy for your team to implement so that you know:

  • what content needs to be created,
  • who is going to do it, and
  • when it will happen.

Your fresh content also needs to be promoted through social media channels to help attract visitors back into your website, at which point you can also direct them to your products and services.

The hairyLemon team can help you not only develop and implement a content strategy, but also provide writers who can work with you to generate relevant, optimised content for your site that your visitors will enjoy reading.

Just give us a call to find out what we have to offer.