If your business tends to get a little quieter over the winter months, it can be a good time to do some housekeeping on your digital estate. There may be a worthwhile way you can be using your time when you have a little room to breathe.

We recommend taking this time to make sure you audit your entire estate in both online and offline channels, to identify how your audiences are interacting with you. On top of this, it would be worthwhile making sure you have caught up with new developments in the digital realm, and to reassess any gaps in your marketing activity.

We’ve included some suggestions below, along with links to some of our blogs that give you more information on each.

Strategy – have you got a plan in place?

If you don’t, this is a good time to start working on one. If you do, this is the perfect time of year to pick it up and review your progress. How are you doing across your marketing channels? When was the last time you touched base with your customers to see what is happening in their world?

We can provide you with an external perspective on your business and marketing strategy, as well as support reviewing your full estate, including your audiences and the way they interact with you online.

Internationalising your content – start planning

If you export goods and services, or you bring customers into New Zealand as tourists, time to work out which parts of your website to optimise for specific languages and locations. We have a handy blog right here to get you started on that process as well.

Don’t wait until things get busier to get this work underway! Start the ball rolling now and ensure that come August/September, everything is shipshape.

Competitor Analysis and Benchmarking

Not to obsess, but the winter months are a great time to browse your competition and see what they are up to. Is there any development in your sector that you have missed? Are there opportunities you can pick up on?

Sometimes you can’t see all the information on your competitors you would like. We offer a Competitor Analysis service that can provide you with more data and give you some useful insights. Just let us know and we can give you a quote.

Improving Your Systems

We are continually reviewing new technologies and applications – not only for functionality that our clients are looking for on their websites, but also to ensure our internal systems are working well.

Reviewing your outgoing costs for software, SAAS applications and more can end up saving you significant overhead, as many of the newer options run on a cheaper monthly price. You might end up saving yourself thousands by changing a few of your processes, or automating some processes that are currently manual.

If you want any advice on that front, we are happy to chat.

Refreshing Your Content and UX

All too often, your website content goes up on the site and isn’t touched again for all eternity! Google loves fresh content however, so taking the time to read through all the content pages on your site, working out where updates are needed for out of date info, and maybe even whipping up a batch of fresh blog posts while you have the time (you can schedule them to post across the next month or two) is a great use of your time.

While you are reviewing the site, if you find anything that could do with a brush up and is outside your skillset, feel free to give us a call – perhaps the site needs to be restructured a little, or could do with a design refresh as well.

Google Shopping – are you onto it yet?

If you are not a retailer, this one may not be crucial for you, but if you are, start by reading our blog post on Google Shopping and think about how it could benefit your business. Call us for a chat or a meeting to get things underway if you decide you want to jump onboard.

Next steps

Remember, if your online presence could do with a boost, incremental changes can freshen things up, improve your search rankings, and ensures your online presence still reflects your business. We are happy to chat about how we can help!