World experts in electronic registries

Since developing the world's first fully-electronic online register, Foster Moore has delivered registries in 21 jurisdictions globally.

Foster Moore provides registry systems to clients around the world, providing more than 30 different types of registers for governments and executive agencies including Business Entities, Secured Transactions, Occupational, Trade Mark, Motor Vehicle Traders Registries and highly complex Radio Spectrum Management Registers.

The company is also involved in an international not-for-profit organisation for administrators of corporate and securities registers called the Corporate Registers Forum.

the objective

Communicating globally

Foster Moore started working with hairyLemon after we carried out some work for the New Zealand Companies Office, which was the origins of Foster Moore's registry software product.

Over the years we have rebuilt the company website and also designed and built the Corporate Registers Forum site.

One of the challenges in working with a client who needs to communicate with a diverse audience across many countries worldwide, is the importance of appealing to their client base and ensuring the companies and the services they offer could easily be found in search in a category that is particularly niche.

The main Foster Moore site contains information about the company's services and Catalyst software, the locations of their offices worldwide and an overview of the customers they work with.

Corporate registers forum

The CRF website provides information for members and conference attendees of the annual CRF event which is held in a different country each year.

The annual conference is hosted by the jurisdiction in which the event is located and previously, each annual event would have its own website to hold supporting materials for attendees.

The new website allows for all the relevant event information to be held as a landing page within the new site, and to act as an archive for previous events.

Conference information hosted on the site includes the speaker programme, location information, registration functionality, accommodation info, ability to pay for tickets online, and galleries of images from previous years' events.


Functionality delivered for the Foster Moore sites includes a log in area on the CRF site that enables members to login and access specific information, including a jurisdiction map. If you are a member of CRF, you can log into the site and view contact details for any other member.

As one of the goals of the organisation is to enable members to stay connected and learn from the experiences of other jurisdictions, this is an important piece of functionality and allows members to stay connected outside of the annual events.

The Foster Moore site also includes interactive mapping functionality, featuring an interactive world map with profiles of client organisations popping up in the relevant locations.


The outcomes of these two projects were to provide solutions that were appropriate for a company of technology experts and the audiences who interact with them.