Edible Canterbury

Promoting local food resilience

In post-quake Christchurch, communities have discovered new ways of connecting and regenerating their city - from the ground up.

Edible Canterbury is a project created by the Food Resilience Network, who support Christchurch communities in having access to healthy and locally produced food.

Edible Canterbury is focused on providing information on growing food, fostering community connections, and supporting local foraging.

the objective

Connecting generations

Bringing a new community group online for users that are not digitally savvy was the primary challenge to be addressed with this innovative project.

The community consists of an ageing population of gardeners, alongside a new generation of millenials who are concerned with a sustainable, regenerative community and eager to learn new skills.

Edible Canterbury had a minimal online presence but a growing community of committed, dedicated volunteers and contributors with a passion for improving the sustainable community in Christchurch, in New Zealand, and internationally.

Taking a sustainable, affordable approach

As a community organisation, Edible Canterbury rely on accessing grant funding to make their projects happen. We worked within their budget constraints to offer a staggered approach of development and marketing to ensure we could get their digital presence off the ground in a financially sustainable way.

Our team workshopped with the Edible Canterbury volunteers to gather feedback about what they needed, and to determine the most important elements for the Edible Canterbury community.

This allowed us to put together a strategy for a phased development of the site.


The new Edible Canterbury website has received a positive response from the local community. We look forward to continuing to support Edible Canterbury and the Food Resilience Network as it grows over time.